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Our Services

Professional Portfolio Management

Sonan Investments believes portfolio management is far more than just buying stocks and bonds and hoping they do well. We combine a tested “top-down” investment approach with personalized planning to build a portfolio tailored to your long-term financial goals. Our proven approach has attracted over $156 billion* from a global base of individual and institutional clients.

Considering an annuity or already own one?

If you’re considering buying an annuity or you already own one it’s likely because you’re looking for an investment that seems safe, provides regular ongoing payments and limits potential losses. Sounds great! But there are many different types of annuities with substantial differences between them. While annuities may sound safe and appealing, they’re often complex and can have significant tradeoffs. Successful investors should do their due diligence so they know what they’re buying—and to make sure they understand all of the annuity contract’s fine print, terms and fees.

Sonan Investments does not sell annuities. We never have, and we never will. Why? We believe anything you can do with an annuity, can be done better with other investment vehicles. We have worked with countless clients who were sold annuities that did not meet their needs. Many annuities are complicated products that promise many things, but their features can actually prevent investors from reaching their long-term investing goals.

Financial Planning

We can help you prepare for the future with a financial plan designed especially for you. A good financial plan is a blueprint that lets you save, spend, invest, manage risk and approach tax and estate planning with confidence.

Assessing Your Financial Plan

Does your financial plan provide an investment strategy to help you reach your financial goals and objectives?

The overall success of your financial plan is partly dependent on an appropriate investment recommendation, based on your long-term financial goals and objectives. At Sonan Investments, we take into account everything from your family health history to the specific stocks, bonds or other investments in your portfolio to help build an in-depth understanding of the objectives for your assets. Using tools like portfolio simulations and historical modeling, we can provide an investment recommendation we believe is most likely to help you reach your goals. This recommendation provides the foundation for your future financial success and may help you avoid running out of money in retirement.

What Is Our Investment Approach?

We Tailor a Portfolio for You

We begin by getting a deep understanding of your personal situation, goals and needs. Fisher Investments uses this information in our top-down investment process to first determine the mix of stocks, bonds, cash or other securities that maximizes the likelihood of reaching your financial goals. We believe this decision has the biggest impact on your returns over time. From there, we emphasize parts of the market we believe will perform best, such as different countries and stock market sectors. Finally, we analyze individual stocks and other securities and select those we believe will perform best. We believe this active, flexible approach to portfolio management enables us to capitalize on global investing opportunities and help you achieve your financial goals.

We Keep You on Track

As a client, you’ll hear from us regularly to make sure your portfolio continues to serve your financial goals. We believe staying on the path to your financial goals is one of the biggest challenges investors continuously face, which is why we focus on providing you unparalleled client service. As a client, you’ll have a dedicated Investment Counselor who provides you regular, ongoing updates on the market and your portfolio.

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