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We can provide you with a complimentary portfolio analysis, including a breakdown of the fees you’re currently paying. If you decide to become a client, Sonan Investments has a team of professionals who will help make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.


Once you become a client, you’ll have a dedicated Investment Counselor who will help guide you, as well as serve as a long-term resource for information and support. You’ll also have access to exclusive educational resources such as seminars, webinars and other communications from senior members of the firm’s investment team.


We'd love to work from you.

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Global – Offshore 1mth

Consulting Services

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Dedicated 3Hrs Phone



Dedicated Project Management



We offer both affluent individuals and institutions around the world a comprehensive range of advice and investment services. We use our combined expertise to help turn your financial vision into a reality.

Dedicated team Leaders for All investors best financial results:

Mr. Sergio Nonato, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Expansion SONAN INVESTMENTS in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Mr. Victor Silva, Founder, President, Chairman, CEO, and Director of Expansion SONAN INVESTMENTS in Africa, North, Central and South America.

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